Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7 Months

 Little Roan is getting SOOOOO BIG!

Weight: 19 lbs+
Height 28.5 inches

I am loving this stage in his life. He is so funny and interactive. I love interacting with him and I love watching him interact with other adults and kids. If you make faces at him and jump he will smile and laugh with you. He loves it when I dance with him because I get some air. His thrilled giggle and gasp is so so priceless.
I think he ate a bear this month as he is growling an grunting a lot. Not at one thing just in place. He will play with his toys and growl and make other funny noises. We call him grizzly boy. When he saw a doctor recently she said he was the first child to ever growl at her. It was too funny.
He is also a bouncing machine too. When he sits up he bounces on his legs and bum. One night he was playing with his friend Dane. They were both sitting up and facing each other and Roan was bouncing and it was making Dane laugh so hard. When Roan stopped bouncing Dane stopped laughing. They stared at each other for a minute and then Roan started bouncing again and Dane started up laughing again. It was the silliest thing to watch. 
He also throws himself forward from his seated position onto his hands and most of the times his face. The first few times he did this he fussed but now he takes it like a man and uses it as a means to move himself around. When he is not bouncing he is scooting forward. When he is on his tummy he is scooting back as well as rolling over. He has even been trying to get on all fours. When he does this he really makes his presence known as he will scream and grunt like a muscle man lifting up a car. He is building muscles for crawling and doing push ups and downward facing dog. I am sure he will be ready to crawl soon. 
One thing I noticed about Roan is that he reaches his milestones and then repeats them when HE wants to do them. For a while he stopped rolling and being a first time Mom I became concerned as I did not see him roll for about 5 days. The next day he would not stop rolling. Roan does things when he deems it necessary. If this is done out of being stuborn then I blame his Father, but if he does this out of being practical or logical then I still blame his Father. :)
When Roan plays on the floor he does try and get into things. Let the baby proofing commence. 

In his crib his wiggles and rolls all over the place. One morning we found him with one of his legs poking out of the crib. He is sleeping better through the night and every now and again wakes up for a midnight snack. His sleep schedule alternated between going to bed around 9 and waking up at 6 or go to bed around 8 and wake up at 5. Depends on his mood I suppose. When he does wake up early he is kind enough to play in his crib before we get him. We like to wake up at 6:30 but it is always earlier. When he plays in his crib he talks, plays with his blanket, the bars, admires the ceiling fan, and wiggles around. One night he woke up at 4 am, he didn't cry, just talked to himself for over an hour and then fell back asleep until 8 am.
Of all the toys the cup is the most coveted. 

His favorite food is peas. I have given him as much variety as I can. We started him on fruit too. He has had peaches, bananas, and pears. We hoped that the fruit would give him additional vitamin C to help him kick an ongoing running nose he had. (Seriously, one day he sneezed and had so much snot down his face from the force behind that sneeze, EEEWWW). Turns out the running nose might not have been a cold because.....HIS TWO TOP TEETH ARE COMING IN! 
This is the sneeze the produced the most snot ever. I was so grossed out by the snot that I forgot to take a picture of it. Probably better that I didn't. He is a fighter too. Anytime we try to wipe his face he grabs our hands and pushes them away and shakes his head. 

I think my four favorite things he has started to do:
1) He has been shaking his head. I am sure he doesn't know what it means, he just does it and it is darling. 
2) He also rests his chin on mine or Lars shoulders and he moves his jaw around. As shown here in this video below. 

3)When he is sitting down and wants to be picked up he waves his hands in the air for you to pick him up. If you don't pick him up after a while he will cry and whine. 

4) He will pant like a dog when he gets excited. I swear this kid is an animal and we are just developing him into a human over time.
When I see this picture I see my older brothers.

This kid is a nut and loves to bounce around and watch people bounce around and I love him so much. 
The boys at their first Angle Baseball game together
Roan getting his second hair cut. 
Any tips on weening a baby? I think with these additional teeth coming in we may need to start on that.

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  1. I love your son. I think I say that almost every time. He is so fun and so cute.

    I can't believe his top two teeth are coming in! Crazy! You can still nurse if you want to. When they are hungry and really nursing they will not bite. It is when they are just hanging out and playing without being hungry that they will.


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