Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Host an Indiana Jones Themed Baby Shower

My friend Ann is having a baby. Her baby boy will be taking her husbands full name. Rather than calling him Junior they decided to call him Indy instead. This is a reference to the movie series Indiana Jones. My other friend Karen and I went to work on her Indiana Jones Baby Shower. We researched online to see if other baby showers have ever had this theme before. Our search came up empty. We altered and utilized ideas from kids birthday parties but the rest was put together by our wild and crazy imaginations. Here is everything you need to know to throw you own Indiana Jones Baby Shower. 

Step 1: Find a friend having a baby
  Step 2: Decorations-We had this outside in a friends back yard to give it a foliage jungle look.
 We made tiki sticks out of a dowel and grassy stuff (can't remember the name) 
We used this area as a photo booth area and had mustaches and glasses and other props for people to use. 
We used an old globe and other architect looking items that we scattered around 
We made a really cool banner by hand
 Then we put toy snakes and bugs everywhere
Step 3: Food 
I made an epic cake that incorporated each of the movies. 
(Ball Indy is running from, Holy Grail, the 3 stones, and the crystal skull. Cake complete with snakes and Indy. I used cake ball to mold the stuff on top.)
If you are not as awesome as me its okay. You can buy a cake already made with the Indiana Jones figures or pictures included. 
This was our spread. We tried to have Egyptian and German food since that is where most of the movies took place. We did meatballs, hummus, veggies, salad, and MONKEY BRAINS-cottage cheese, whipped cream, and jello. We also had "dirt" (gummy worms, pudding, and cookie crumbs). 
 Ann approves

Step 4: Games 
We had a movie trivia game that I just made up from the Internet. (not pictured)
Then a Forbidden Eye Decoding Game that Karen created based off the Indiana Jones ride.
They had to decode baby words.

Next we had an eye ball soup game. We filled a bowl with eye balls and they had to scope out as many eyes blind folded within 10 seconds. The person with the most wins. 
Games would not be complete without prizes. We made holy grail cups. 

Step 5: Have fun and make memories... 

Bonus Step 6: Awesome Kids
If you really want your shower to rock throw in a couple of cute kids into the mix. 
Let them eat snakes
& do all the cute things and cute kids do. 

So there you have it. You now know how to throw an Indiana Jones themed baby shower. Now when some stranger goes to search for ideas on how to be awesome this post will come up and help them along. 

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  1. That looked so fun and so creative. Way to Steph!


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