Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old and Hip and Proud

We have a set of missionaries in our ward and the other day I was talking to one of them. He commented that my neighbor looked like Billy Corgan. I replied that he looks more like Moby. This missionary gave me a clueless look and then asked, "Who's Moby?" WHHHAAAAA? Come on really. I am not that old am I? First, Moby is still alive. Second, I am not that much older than this missionary. At least 8-10 years. The last few weeks I have felt very aged. Maybe is it because in less than half a year I will be 30. 30 seems like a milestone in the average human life span. Most people only live to be 60. This has made me think about the goals I had as a youthful 20 year old. All the things I wanted to do before I was 30. At the time I wanted to sky dive, write a musical, become a mom, join the peace corps, etc etc, not necessarily in the order. Now that I am nearing 30 and I have done a few of those things but not everything I guess I am feeling weird and old. Time flies. I feel like I have lived a good life and though I have some regrets I have some awesome accomplishments.

(BTW this is not an obituary. The average human lives to be 60 but the one and only Stephanie lives to be 107. Mark my words I will be on the Today Show Smuckers Birthday Wish segment.) One of the goals I mentioned was to become a Mom. I have ranted about  waiting to be a Mom in my blog before so I am not going to replay that violin. In getting old it has made me think about how awesome my life is at and being an old Mom. Let me first say this. Folks, it doesn't matter when you decide to be a Mom, different strokes for different folks. It is all a personal choice and either way I am sure you will all rock at it whenever you, your significant other, and God decide to make it happen.

My friend Shawna posted this. I loved it! Go Read it now! Shawna touched on some points that I want to reiterate.

Older Moms are more laid back. When Lars and I were in the hospital the staff kept asking us if this was our first. We replied yes and they would respond with, "Wow, couldn't tell because your so relaxed." We both have a go with the flow kind of personality. We weren't always like that and sometimes I still freak out about little stuff. But thankfully I try to only freak out about the stuff that matters most or have Lars help bring me back to reality.

Older Moms are more self secure. Boy oh boy. When I was young this was a struggle for me. Most people wouldn't know that because I am always upbeat. I used to second guess myself a lot but now I trust my gut and mother instinct and go with it even if it is odd to others. I have my ups and downs but for the most part I am confident in my ability to make decisions and to parent. Roan is happy and healthy and kicking butt so I think we are good.

Older Moms have more life experience and are aware that life is short. Before we had kids I had a career, I traveled, I went to college, I goofed off AAAAA LOT. Everything has its seasons and life moves so fast. I am glad that I got to have a variety of experiences before having kids. I feel like those experiences will help me rear my child into adulthood. Many people have asked us when we will have another. I appreciate the season I am in now and just want to enjoy being Roan's Mom. I am sure that will change and when it does I will feel it. 

I am so grateful to be a hip old Mom. Not that I am all mighty and mature or anything. I just feel that I am able to cope with the adjustment of parenting better now than my 20-25 year old self would have. Yes, it is hard at times. But I appreciate it and relish the challenging parts. I find myself endlessly looking at Lars and smiling because Roan has something funny and awesome. I love being an Old yet Hip Mom.


  1. Excellent viewpoints. I was 26 when I had Jacob and I found it very difficult to handle the adjustment. If I had been 20 it would've done me in!

    You are a great mom. Roan is one lucky dude.

  2. Hey I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog- you have a lot more on here than I thought!

    We Older moms ROCK! I knew I didn't want kids for a while, but I also didn't think I'd be as old as I was- especially with any more kids- I would be in my 30s! (my mom had her last kid at 27 so it's quite a difference). But I am glad I had a decade of adulthood under my belt to learn about myself- grow into a comfortable relationship, and although there were struggles along the way I still feel like it all has prepared me to be the best mom possible :)

    Me and you and melissa- the Older Mom club! (of course, the rest of the world thinks we're "normal" but in Mormon-Universe terms we're practically menopausal and should have 5 kids each :) lol


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