Friday, February 1, 2013

12 Months

Roan is 1 Year Old!!!!!!

This will be my final monthly update. After this I will give Roan updates as needed or when he does something really cute. I will be sure to post at least a 6 month update.
Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 32 inches

Just before his birthday he had another massive growth spurt. After each growth spurt he is wobbly as he gets used to his new body. It took him a day to get used to his height. He was walking fast towards a table that he used to easily walk under and totally clothed lined the top of it when his head ran into it. He fell down and didn't cry just shook his head and composed himself and got back up.

He is so cute when he walks and falls he gets back up by sticking his butt in the air on all fours and walks his way up with his hands. He is an excellent walker. It is his preferred method of travel. He still crawls but only out of convenience. When he started to walk he walked like Frankenstein and had his shoulders up to his neck and he arms out in front of him. Now he tries to get some speed. 

His reach is even father. He can now grab stuff off the counter as I am cooking which gave us a few scares. He loves to pick up larger awkward items and carry them around. His favorite items have been a tennis racket and a box.

He is a good eater. I am getting tired of buying baby food to subsidize his regular meal so we are quitting that cold turkey. We are giving him more adult food and he is doing really well with eating. Still picky with some types of fruit but he likes everything else. He loves to play with his food too. He will pick up some items and pretend to drop it while chanting at it but then never let it go out of his hand. He still tosses food onto the floor to watch it fall. And he loves to slide his food around on his tray. He loves to share his food and hand you things too. 

I have commenced weening. He is already drinking milk and I am just working on weening him off the night feeding. He is sleeping better. Slowly but surely. A few nights he only wakes up once or not all but then we still have a bad night when he is awake for up to 2 hours or will only sleep in your arms or won't go back down without being swaddled. He was getting a good groove on and then just after his birthday he started teething again. He only gets up once to feed and then most of the time goes right back down. Any advice on how to skip this midnight snack? I don't mind it but I wonder if I just cuddle with him will he go back to sleep or does he have to drink something. 
Oh this milk is really good...what did you say was in it...nevermind.

He is smarter than people think he is. He totally understands us when we say certain things to him. I think I will get him an etch-a-sketch soon so he can practice playing with the pen. I was playing with one at a friends house and he totally was all over it. Plus he has a shape sorter toy and he loves to push the shapes in the box. Roan can also wave goodbye and he waves his hands around to music. He still grunts when you talk to him. I have a cool video of how he plays and laughs when people sneeze. 

He likes to play with his tongue, and yours still. I will catch him sticking it out and wiggling it and making weird shapes with his lips. Speaking of lips he still likes to kiss but he is learning to kiss on the lips. He still won't pucker his lips. So when he kisses us he just opens his mouth and gives you a wet opened mouth kiss. He is so funny. Whenever he sees Lars and I kiss he wants in on it.

He loves to gabber and we are learning what some of his gabber means. NANANANA means no. He has other squels and he is using his hands and eyes to express what he is trying to get across.
He knew exactly what to do with the toy phone

. He is also mimicking what we do. The other day after dinner I put my hands behind my head and then he did the exact same thing. If you cough he will cough too. Silly kid.

Being a new parent has been quite an experience. A lot of it is just learning to get over your nervous boundaries that you put on yourself. When I think back on certain things I laugh at how silly I was but at the time it seemed so life and death. It has really put me out of my zone at times but I have been better for it. The best part has been seeing all the simple wonders around me that as an adult I take for granted. I love being a I love being ROAN's MOM. 
Loves bath time. 

Playing with his friend Dane at the Mall. 


  1. I'm going to miss the monthly updates but I am also so relieved that I don't have to do them anymore:-) Great video! He really is such a smart little boy. I love the picture of them playing at the mall too.

  2. Wow he is so cute, love the video what a smart little boy......they grow so fast don't they


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