Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday's Waffle on a Wednesday=Best Wednesday Ever

 I am a huge fan of good food. Today my mouth and belly had a party with some REALLY GOOD waffles. 
Authentic Liege Waffles with the most amazing toppings from....

Most of you know that I love to eat food, but I also love to learn about the history and science behind food.  Allow me to enlighten you. Liege waffles are dough based rather than a batter base and are usually cooked on an iron with a thicker grid pattern to offer the dough a richer, sweeter, denser, and chewier waffle. Saturday's Waffle uses irons imported from Europe to offer their customers a true experience. 
 Meet Mike, Richard, and Collin. A bunch of fun guys who know how to make killer delicious waffles with all the trimmings. I know some of these guys from way back and they are cool but the waffles they make are even cooler. :) 
They were voted Best Waffle in Utah and have been featured in blogs, local news spots, and podcasts

 Plus they have the most superb service out of this beautiful gem, a vintage mobile trailer.

 Try a naked waffle or go for the gold and create your own. They have tons of different specialty toppings and creations to choose from. Did I also mention that they have hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. YUMMY!

Here is what I had:
The Benny 
The S'mores

The Benny is their take on Eggs Benedict. Poached soft egg topped with a buttery lemon Hollandaise sauce and bacon. Since it is my life goal to try Eggs Benedict in all their forms this was my top choice to order and is also one of their most ordered waffle. It was a fantastic mix of savory from the egg and sauce to sweet from the waffle. The ingredients were of high quality. It was tasty and I loved whatever spices they used. 

 I love S'mores and eat them in every form; from pop tarts to cereal to candy bars and now waffles. 
Saturday's Waffle S'more has a melted chocolate center (which was epic), Speculoos (a peanut butter type sauce that was amazing, first time trying that), Toasted Marshmallow Cream that they toast right in front of you with a blow torch, & Graham Cracker Crumbs.  
It took me 20 minutes to eat both of them because I was savoring every chomp. I kept bouncing back and forth between the two of them. I couldn't decide which one to have be my last bite because they were both so good with every new bite.  I ended with S'mores and to be honest I haven't had anything else to eat since and I don't want to. I want this after taste to stay in my mouth for as long as possible. 
You better believe I licked those clean afterwards. 

On my next visit I am want to try their Lumber Jack, Lemon Curd & Raspberry, & their seasonal Canadian Apple Pie, & the Caprese. 

Want to try these waffles for yourselves. It is worth your time and effort, I promise you will not be sorry. Send your belly and taste buds to a party that they will surely thank you for. 

Fine them located at Olympus Hills Shopping Plaza. 8 am-Noonish at 3900 S Wasatch Blvd. on Saturdays! Rain, snow, or shine they are there. They put out heat lamps so you can stay toasty. Just another thing they do to provide excellent service next to their amazing food. 

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Oh and did you know that they cater!
Maybe I can get them to set up and cater in my backyard until forever.


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