Monday, February 25, 2013

I Got My Butt Kicked

A lady in her 50's kicked my butt.

I have a friend and old co-worker in her 50's but she is fit like she is in her 20's. True story. She eats right and cycles and works out for enjoyment. When I worked in downtown back in the day she and I would sometimes walk together on our lunch breaks. I invited her to run with me again. She told me she didn't run but she would walk with me. Her definition of walk is very different than mine. I met up with her and told her about the 5K and she said, "Well let's run 3 miles right now then." I thought she was kidding. She wasn't. We sped walk 1.5 miles, with hills, and then jogged 1.5 miles. All under 40 minutes. I was exhausted to say the least. Yet at the same time it was completely refreshing. I am repeatedly being told that I need to really push myself if I am going to be fit in time for the race. Her kicking my butt absolutely motivated me to push harder and not just mosey along.

This same week I did some walk/jog exploring around our State Capitol. Then on Saturday I did a Hop & Chop Skimble phone app workout. All in all I walked 4 days out of the week and did one strength workout. I like my new work schedule. I get off work early enough to beat most of the traffic home so my commute home is about a 40-45 minute drive when the weather is good. Roan has been going to bed between 8-8:30, this gives Lars and I some adult time before bed. Then I am up just after 5:30 and out the door for my 40 minute commute by 6:40. I have a snack around 11 and then workout on my lunch and eat my lunch at 2ish.

As far as has been okay. I was in a cheating mood but when I cheated it was only on cheap chocolate. If I am gonna cheat I need to cheat in style and eat the sweets that are gonna be amazing and of good quality. Otherwise the cheap cheats are dissatisfying. Wednesday I cheated and had not 1 but 2 Banbury donuts. OHHHHH I felt sick. Moderation is still the key. Besides that I ate good fruits and veggies and bought more of those to snack on.

I have already started making a list of all the sweets I want to eat after the race. Among the list is Farr Ice Cream Flavors: Brownies Over the Moon, Keebler Elves flavor Smores, Grasshopper, and El Fudge. I am sure this list will grow over the next month. I won't go crazy all at once or maybe I will just to be done with it and then back on the newly formed habits I have instilled in myself from this experience. Time will tell.


  1. You are doing awesome! The fact that you pushed through and made it the whole three miles is something to be proud of.

  2. Good job! It feels good to push through what you would have thought impossible, ha? I remember feeling like that when I was training for a 5K. When I diet I will still have sweets but only one or two bites and then I put it directly in the trash. I know is sounds like a waste of $$ but in the long run it will save you in Dr. bills. It was usually enough to satisfy my craving and then I could move on. That way you don't end up binging at some point because you deprived yourself. Keep going!!

  3. Bloody hell there are some amazing fit people around who are no longer in their 20's or 30's which is the age we think of as fit people


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