Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super Cute Stuff

Roan finally had his 12 month doctor appointment this week and his weight and height are way off from what I thought it was. He weighs 23 lbs, I seriously thought this kid was like 30 lbs+. When he goes through a growth spurt he fills out and then sprouts up. I think he lost a little bit of weight from this recent sprouting up. He is 32 inches tall, super tall kid now in the 92 percentile. I know I am not doing anymore monthly posts but I recently made a list of all the cute things he has been doing so I wouldn't forget them.
Roan and his cousin are hypnotised by the vacuum
He says "Pthiz" and points, it means "This"

He eats with a spoon and a bowl now, in fact he really won't eat unless he is holding a spoon in his hand, even if you are feeding him. He has to poke everything with a spoon then pick it up and eat it. His hand coordination with a spoon is impressively good. The first time I gave him a bowl most its contents actually made into his mouth. It takes him forever to eat with this method but he really wants to be a big boy and do it so I let him.

He loves bubbles and tries to catch them.

He screams louder than ever and it is more high pitched.

He is a million times more expressive from head to toe. The facial expressions his makes and the way he wiggles his toes are hilarious.
He will carry things around for you. It is a great help and fun to watch. He plays soccer by chasing the ball then picking it up and carrying it to you.

He talks through the language of grunts, like Tim the Tool Man Taylor. I seriously can distinguish a Yes grunt vs. a No grunt.
He mimics everything you do with his toys. The other day he was pretending a toy was lotion and poured it on his hands and then rubbed them together.

Roan hijacked my "30 year old" helium balloon and adopted it as his pet. We put a long string on it and he holds onto the end of it and carries it around the house from room to room. Sometimes he tries to put the string in bowls.

He will play drums on bowls.

He can dance, he has twirled 3 times and clapped at the end of his dance.  
 Roan is turning into a crazy awesome toddler.


  1. I'm so scared to give Dane any kind of bowl or plate because I have a feeling it will go flying. He is so adorable! I love his little Mohawk:-)They are still the same size-how funny!

  2. He is so bloody cute, it is funny when they start to feed themselves you often need to have a sheet under them as it ends up everywhere.......


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