Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday Surprises for 30/30

I am 30 now and I want to say that everyone has been really really nice to me. I don't know if it is because they could tell I have been sad or they all know something I don't about turning 30. I have always felt that my birthday was a month long party. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because I spread the fun and bad because the fun sometimes can be spread so thin that your actually birthday day is just another day. Now that I share a birthday month with Roan I pass most of the attention onto him and I am fine with that. It turned out to be an eventful fun month.

Probably one of the best gifts of all was a surprise from Lars. I had a hunch about this surprise because I can put two and two together. He has many secret phone calls with our friends and when I confronted them about it they denied it and lied to me about their plans.  I was veered away from it so many times that I believed it but deep down inside I had hope. Anyway, Lars had my best friend from California drive up with her family the weekend of Roan's birthday party. He woke me up in the middle of the night upon their arrival and I saw them as I walked upstairs in my rob half asleep. LOL we embraced and I cried and was soooo excited that I didn't go back to sleep for hours. This was not only special for me because I love being with my friend but our sons are 3 days apart and are like brothers. Seeing their reunion was special. Having Dane, Aaron, and Marly at Roan's 1st birthday party was the best thing ever. They have been apart of our lives in CA and our pregnancy from the get go that I couldn't imagine having the party without them.  It was really what I wanted from the time I found out we were moving and Lars made it happen.

We partied all weekend with them. The girls had a reunion with Jamie and Shawna.

Then we went to the temple and downtown to check things out in the cold cold weather.
 My parents let us borrow their van so we were call in the same car

 The boys first traxx ride and it lasted like 30 seconds
 Dane all bundled up. I love this kid and he has a crush on me and it makes me giddy. 
Playing at City Creek

The boys had a blast playing together.
Here is a cool video of their 1st 5 minutes together. They seriously picked up where they left off.

Lars also got me a really cool flip waffle maker, like the kind at hotels. I love it and will be hosting a waffle party soon.

We tried to throw a really small birthday party the week of my birthday and it failed. I don't want to go into the details but lets just say I don't want to even try and throw myself another birthday party until I am 40. Maybe then more than one person will come. It was just a bad day and snow balled into worse but I have moved on from it and have learned that I am a big party girl and not a small intimate party girl.

My actually birthday was full of lots of well wishes from blogs, facebook, texts, and phone calls. I received a special box in the mail from my friend Rebecca and a package from my Anaheim girls full of beautiful hand made birthday cards. I had dinner at my in laws and when I got home my Mom had a cool balloon and a pie for me. I was so caked out from Roan's birthday that I only wanted pie for mine. It was a super delicious Village Inn pie, my favorite place on the planet these days. I haven't had a chance to dig into yet because the next day I got sick with either food poisoning or the nasty 24 hour flu puke your guts out bug. Needless to say I stayed home from work and Roan was still able to go to the sitters while I got better. Hence all these updated posts.

I had a 20's bucket list full of random stuff like write a musical, become a Mom, and go sky diving. I love my life and all I have done in it thus far. I want to keep on living it up into my 30's and beyond. Maybe this decade I will go sky diving. :) Thanks all for making this birthday special.

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  1. I'm so glad Aaron and Marly were able to drive up and surprise you. That is so special! They really are the best.


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