Monday, February 4, 2013

5K Training Update

Meh! I fell off the wagon a bit, but not too bad. I am confident I will pick it up again. I am in pretraining mode where I am trying to workout each day but not go crazy and run 500 miles at every workout. That would kill my body. I want my body to get used to working out again before I go gunho. I scheduled out my Zombie training to finish that 2 weeks before the BIG DAY. That way I can have some rest or make up time if needed.

So far I have walked/jogged a mile or so twice a week since signing up, except for last week. I puked my guts out instead. But hey, I lost a pound or two in the process. I would rather have energy than to be in bed sick and losing weight. I have been focusing more on running and I think my legs need some balance. This week I am going to focus more on strengthing workouts. I have also been taking the stairs everywhere I go. At one of my offices we jump around between 5 floors and yes I took the stairs everytime. I felt amazing that day. The last locations I have been too have been keeping me on my feet ALL DAY. So I am ready for some weight lifting and yoga or something.

I have been working out in the evenings mostly. I want to start working out in the morning but it is so hard to get up any earlier than I do. I might try it soon. Roan has been sleeping better, not all the way through the night, just up once.

As far as eating goes. I haven't been too bad but not amazing either. I have said NO to a lot, A LOT of free food, even at Costco, which is such a big deal for me. Even at Roan's birthday I was good and only had 10 cakepops instead of 20. :) But then we had like 50 million left over cupcakes (I made my family take them into work) and I got caked out so I asked for pie for my birthday but now I am pied out. Overall I think I am sweetened out. But I don't think I have been too bad so I don't feel terrible and I think it will be easy to just healthy up a little more and cut back on the sweets. I have been snacking with only fruits and veggies and I can already see a slight difference in my waist line. WOOT!

Goal this week is to focus more on strength excercises and to cease eating sweets...except for your MOM. Oh SNAP!!!

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  1. Good job Stephanie! I think that is the key: to just keep going. If you fall off the wagon, then jump back on! You are doing an amazing job!


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