Friday, February 1, 2013

It's A Muppet Birthday Party

For Roan's First Birthday we threw him a Muppet themed birthday. I had a Muppet Baby Shower so naturally he got a Muppet 1st Birthday. It turned out amazing, more amazing than I ever dreamed. Special thanks to Lars, my Mom, sister, & friends Marly & Aaron for helping making it possible. And for Lars's family for assisting in the clean up. 

Here is what went down. Everything had to do with The Muppets and I started planning this in October. Each week I did something birthday party related so I wouldn't get stressed out the day off. I scaled back a number of times in the process but it was still so amazing. I got a lot of the ideas from various websites and just pulled a little of this and that together from each one to mash it together into this...

I used some decorations from my baby shower, a banner and signage that Marly made. The color skeme was centered around this. I also printed a ton of Muppet pictures and had them spread throughout the venue. 
I had a cool welcome sign, that we didn't take a pic of. And then as people left I had this sign on the door. It had quotes from these characters about how the show stinks, LOL. 

All the food had signage right next to eat to tie it in with The Muppets. 

Plus we had really yummy cupcakes that my Mom made with her super delicious special frosting. 
Cake balls that my sister and mom helped me make and decorate. I was given a babycakes cake pop maker for Christmas and that sped things up. These were really really really yummy. I had like 10 of them. 

My fabulous sister in law had a booth for face painting and she created Muppet/Sesame Street characters. They were awesome. 

I also had a color station where kids could color Muppet pages and faces to put on sticks for a puppet show. There was also a fold your own Muppet that I got off the Disney website. 

Then I had a Fozzy Bears joke shop photo booth. I did not get a picture of the table but I had various props; rubber chicken, Muppet glasses that I made, large bow, green wig, giant flower, mustaches, whoopie cushion that my sweet nephew begged to take home (his parents must love me, hey I am a cool Aunt, what I can say), a large hat,  just a bunch of goofy stuff. I had a backdrop set up that I made out of Muppet pictures and balloons. Each guest will be sent a picture from the booth as a thank you card. (Still working on getting these out). 

Here are just a few fun pics from the photo booth
Epic fail to get all the kids in one shot

 Kermit so made an appearance
 Anaheim Ladies yo
 Cake Balls Rock!!

Everything was a hit and worked out better than ever. My niece and nephew were the first to arrive and they totally picked up on what I was trying to do. My nephew played with the rubber chicken in the puppet theatre and was having a ball. Success!!! Kids are awesome!!

I made a 3-tiered cake for Roan to dig into. He was taken back by all the singing and would only dig into the cake if he was on my lap. He was so sweet and gave me his first bite from his cake. Eventually he got comfy and made a mess. We cleaned him off in the sink and he loved it. 

On the invitation I suggested in lieu of gifts to consider donating to Roan's mission/college fund. I was nervous about this at first but it went over pretty well and thanks to everyone's generosity we have a great start on his fund. 

We had a wonderful time and appreciate all who came out and all the well wishes from those who couldn't make it. I was so happy during his party and totally crashed afterwards. I think his next few birthday will be super low key until he is like 5 and then we can really go crazy with sleep overs and stuff. 

Here are more fun pics from the party:

Having a dance off 
 Smiling painted faces

 FaFa Madesen 
Look at all that snow. I need to note that Aaron helped shovel snow around the clubhouse which was the second time in his life he has ever shoveled snow. 

Roan reading a card out loud
The birthday cake
Sharing his first bite
 The Mess
The clean up. This kid loves water faucets so much. 

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