Monday, June 10, 2013

First Home: The Move and How We Roll

SO per my last post things were looking really grim for our moving plans. Thankfully on Thursday I was feeling better and things turned around on time for the move. I got home from work and loaded up mine, Lars, my sister, and mother in law car's with boxes from our current living quarters. This made me feel great because we didn't have as much stuff to move out as I had thought. We spent our first night at the new house on Thursday. It was fun and scary at the same time. Kind of like camping. You are excited to be there but can't sleep because you hear all these new sounds. Friday we woke up and had the carpets cleaned. Then my mother in law, my Aunt, and my sister went to town on cleaning the place. We were mean green cleaning machines. It was amazing how different the placed looked when we were done. We started at 9 am and finished at 5 pm and got everything done, except for 1-2 simple things that I can do this week. After that it felt so much more like ours. At last we were having the "it's ours" feeling.

Friday night we went back up to my parents house to gather up the final items and spend the night, one last time. :) Saturday we were up by 6:30 am and Lars was all business. We picked up the truck at 7:30 am and had it to the storage unit by 8 am. I waited outside the storage gate to let people in. We were so grateful that our Elders Quorum pulled through and we had 5-7 guys come. We had the truck loaded in 20 minutes. They said it was the easiest move ever. That is how we roll.

We got to the new house at 9:15 am and a dozen of our family and friends helped unload. I think we were done with that by 10:00 am. We all chatted and I gave tours while Lars returned the truck, we had it for a total of 3.5 hours. That is how we roll. Other family and friends continued to arrive to help move in for the next 2 hours. They were surprised that we were done unloading the truck, again, that is how we roll. It ended up being more like a reunion. Those that asked to help were given something to do. By Noon I had the kitchen unpacked. Lars' Dad, step Mom, and Mom stayed for a few hours to eat lunch and help with additional cleaning and unpacking. Everyone was gone by 3 pm. Lars and I did some additional rearranging and finished most of our bedroom and the family room. Then we relaxed and watched a movie. We both slept so good that night. Sunday we were going to sleep in but were up by 7 am. We went to part of church and then came home and napped, well Lars and Roan did. I unpacked more stuff then we watched another movie and went out to see some nearby family.

I did not take a single picture over the weekend. I wish I had got some kind of recording or a group shot or anything. Bummer. Lars took some pictures of the house before it was cleaned so maybe we will post those once we get organized or better yet I am sure we will get a video going as soon as things look like we didn't just move.

Best Part of Owning This Home Thus Far:

1. As I am unpacking I am unpacking everything out of their original boxes that I have kept for years to move with ease but this time I am throwing those boxes away. Plus I have room to unpack everything. I have a cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to all my little appliances, blender, waffle iron, food processor, kitchen aide, ice cream maker, that I used to have to rotate in and out. It is sooooo awesome.

2. Our home is located near other family members, but not too close ;) Lars has two cousins that are 12 blocks away that we have already had dinner with. Two of my brothers are a 10-15 drive away, we also had a little get together with them. I love being fairly close to family.

3. We have a house and it rocks!

Now granted this house isn't perfect. Since moving in we have noticed a few weird things that we would like to change. Lars already has created his own "Honey-Do" list. Of course we are having to prioritize this list because some of the items may be costly and those will be checked off as we can afford them. Either way we love our house and we are so happy to be in it.

The previous owners still had some in the sheds, we spoke with them and had a heart to heart and worked out a deal. Today they got everything out and cleaned the sheds, expect for one large item that will have to remain for another week, we think. Do me a favor if you ever own a home and sell it, give yourself, and your new owners, a clean break and get all you crap out of there. Yeah both parties involved have been adult and nice about this but it is really annoying to have one or two things lingering of theirs. The "It's Ours" feeling has only come in baby steps because of this.

Roan is having a blast with the new house too...most of the time. He wants to touch and climb on everything. He is learning and we are having to be patient with him when it comes helping him adjust to his new surroundings. A few things he has had to learn the hard way, poor guy, like falling off the coffee table or running over his foot with the closet door. I know he has sensed this change and we love that it is just "us" now. But I can tell that he misses my family when he wanders around the house as if he is looking for them. :) He started daycare today and from what I hear he is doing great. I on the other hand have been a complete basket case. I know it will be okay and that he will be learning good social skills but anytime we have a major change with his babysitting stuff I go through a period of anxiety. I like to think it gets easier with each change but it really doesn't. I will have it forever when he starts real school and then moves away to college. :) Because that is how I roll.

How do you roll?

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