Monday, June 17, 2013

Spenders Anxiety

I have had spenders anxiety since we bought our house. It took me more than a week to build up the courage to go grocery shopping. When I did I felt better. We can own a home and still live right? It seems like every time we go to Lowe's or Target we can't walk away without spending $$. EEK! We have a lot of little projects that will require some funds. As new home owners we don't have a lot of the basics, like a working lawn mower or a saw (Lars really wants to saw some stuff), or any yard tools. I am working on thrifting for some of those items. And we are borrowing where we can. If you would like to make donations by all means go right ahead. We have company staying with us during the week of July 4th and we are hosting Lars's family reunion on July 6th. That is in a few weeks so we are trying to ready a few things, mostly in the yard. Everything else can wait until we can save up some moola. I am not complaining. I am so happy to have this house and these projects. It can be overwhelming when I think about all the stuff we need to and want to do with it. I keep telling Lars that we can't build Rome in a day and that each week or month we will get something done with the house to make it more our own.

In the mean time here are a batch of pictures we took before moving in to wet your appetite. We have since unpacked some and will hopefully decorate next week. When all that is done we will take more pictures or video. The pictures are from Lars' google+ account so they aren't in any special order. I commented on most of them what the picture was. Enjoy

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