Friday, June 14, 2013

Live It Up!

I had another positive post drafted but I wasn't feeling it. Then today I was helping a coworker figure herself out of a situation. She wanted to take a chance on something but was really scared to. I told her an experience I had as a teenager that was a huge turning point in my life when it came to taking chances. I think I already shared it here in my "History of Stephanie" post. I will paraphrase. I liked a boy, I asked out boy, he said no. Rather than being sad I felt empowered and awesome for doing something that scared me. That day forward I tried not to let things scare me out of taking chances on myself. I told my coworker that had I not taken that chance then, I might not have taken the next chance, or the next one. Because I was brave and seized the day that one time I was confident in doing it again and probably changed a few courses in my life. Case in point...when I met Lars I was brave and told him I thought he was cute. "Shy Stephanie" may not have done that but "Live It Up Stephanie" sure did and I got a hubby out of it. 

You might not get a hubby every time you live it up and seize the day. But it will make you stronger and more courageous to do the right thing in a tough situation, tell someone how you feel, stand up for yourself, or be kind, or do something you otherwise wouldn't do to have fun. The possibilities are endless. SO one thing that I do to be positive in life is to live it up. :) See what it will make you become and enjoy!

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  1. What a great piece of advice and a great story sometimes takeing that first step is the hardest thing to do.................................


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