Friday, June 21, 2013

Good Day

Today was a good day to be a Mom. 
Let me clarify. Everyday is a good day to be a Mom. But today I felt like I was a good Mom. 
Yesterday I was busy doing a lot of stuff that I didn't pay as much attention to Roan as I would have liked. I was pretty critical of myself on my way to work as I reflected on our day together. This happens often as I am sure it does with many many women and men. I love how Roan is growing so fast but sometimes I miss the swaddled up Roan. So today I decided to play with Roan how he would like to play instead of having him fit my criteria. Something I am going to try and do more often. 
We had a blast. We played with his new washable crayons (only way to go when it comes to crayons and toddlers). We created a "boy cave" out of a large moving box. 
We had a picnic in our newly mowed back yard. 
Then we played in front of the mirror and tried on hats. 
All the while Roan was kissable, cuddly, silly and energetic. 
He really knows how to show a Mom a good time. 
Here is to more days like today!


  1. Sounds like an amazing day! I love the man cave with a giant box! What fun.

  2. about awesome photos.........


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