Monday, June 17, 2013

West Side

I have some sad news everyone.

This cute little boy....

.....has joined the West Side Gang!
He thinks he is so tough throwing out gang signs and passing around fist bumps! His west side robot shirt wearing gang has nothing on me. 

Is this what I get for trying to make play dough out of flour and failing miserable? At least I know how to cook and give hugs. This kid is easy to persuade, I bought him some washable crayons (so glad they are washable and so is my cedar chest) and now he has returned to the fold :).
A stump we have in our backyard that was made into a chair. 
Those are squeaky shoes he is wearing too.

I thought he was so cute in this shirt. I love dressing kids. Oh man I cannot wait to have a girl. :)

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