Friday, June 21, 2013

Postive Post: Positive Clicks!!

My friend Rebecca sent me this and I love it! I signed up as soon as I read it. Basically this lady did an experiment where she got a clicker and kept track of all her negative thoughts for a week. By the end of the week she was so depressed and blue from all the negativity. So she decided to do the opposite and keep track of all her happy or positive thoughts. She was much happier by the end of that week and dealt with any negativity around her in a more upbeat way. Only because she had the mindset to focus on the positive in any situation. You don't need a clicker to do this, even though I think having to physically keep track of something makes you more conscious of your thoughts and actions. Since she created this website many people, groups, families, schools, and corporations have joined in on the clicking to make a difference. And a big difference it does make!!

I started working this 2nd shift with a bad attitude. I was pretty cranky and still am a little bit. I decided to click my positive thoughts while at work this week. While I worked I started doing fun things rather than sitting out being grumpy. For example, each night I created a fun physical challenge to keep my spirits up throughout the shift. I laughed at all the silly yet positive things that came out of this experiment. Week 2 was way better than week 1. I lasted longer and actually enjoyed myself.

I challenge all you readers out there to participate in the "click". You will see a huge difference in your life. THINK. CLICK. BE

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