Friday, June 28, 2013

Positive Post: Surviving Crumminess

I am going to share one of my trade secrets for surviving crummy situations with a smile. As you know from many previous posts I am working the 2nd shift. Yeah still not happy about that despite some of the pros. I used to exercise in the morning but with my shift being what it is I prefer to sleep in and don't really find time during the rest of the day to accomplish this. Last week I decided I would still get my exercise in by playing two games while at work. 

1) Everytime I had to go to the bathroom, which is a lot because I drink 100 ounces a day, I have to skip, hop, or sprint to the bathroom. The bathroom is way down the hall. This alone pretty much provided me with my daily workout. 

2) The funnier thing to do when you are working alone, or with people, really up to you, is toooooooo DANCE!!!!!!
Often times I jam out to the radio and a few stations I listen too mostly rotate through the same dozen songs. Each night I pick one song and whenever that song is played I have to stop whatever work I am doing and "get down with it." 

True story. You know what, it is sooooo much fun. SO much fun that I have even choreographed one song that I LOVE. Now anytime I hear this song, no matter where I am, I bust out dancing. I am not going to share the entire song with you because I am no a hip hop dancer. But I will share this fun part with you. 

Moral of the story. 
Try to make any crummy situation you are in fun by dancing. It will make you smile from laughing at your lame dance moves or you remember how AWESOME you are. Even I have a smile at the end of the video. Is dancing the end all to your crummy problems. NO! But is sure rocks! :)

P.S. Throwing paper in the air while dancing is optional but encouraged. 

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