Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank You

SO I really want to personally thank everyone that helped us move. My Mom taught me to write thank you cards and I usually do. This time I think I will take the lazy road and use my blog to do the work for me. I just don't have it in me right now to find addresses and address envelopes. Sorry you won't get a card to scarpbook or read and then toss. 
Please know that I love you and we thank you sincerely. 

So THANK YOU for helping us load the truck...
Cedar Hills 10th Ward EQP, Mark Hamilton , Justin Griffin, John Harrison, next door neighbor with all the adorable sons, Precious Roy and your friend Harrison. 

THANK YOU for helping us unload the truck...
 Monte, Bronwyn, Kyle, Dayton, Glenn, Ivan, Trisha, Mike B. Devon L, Mom B. Lorretta, Precious Roy and your friend Harrison. 

THANK YOU for stopping by to help, we didn't mean to get done so quick, hope you enjoyed the tour...
Karla, Dana, Karen, Andy, Neils, Curtis, Jacob, Anthony, Tim, & Tina.

Again, THANK YOU for helping me clean
Lorretta, Mom B. Valane, Karen, Trisha

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  1. As long as those you are thanking read your blog then doing it this way is all good, if they don't read it then maybe not such a good idea........lol


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